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The term HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems) can encompass anything from a window-unit to a central heating and cooling system. Generally, however, you’re talking about a whole home system. These consist of several different components, such as the outdoor unit, the indoor unit, and the ductwork, which is what brings the conditioned air to each room of your home. Usually, the ductwork will be either under the home or in the attic, keeping the lines out of sight. A properly designed system will provide a comfortable indoor environment year round when well maintained.

Aside from just heating and cooling, ventilation is an important part of any HVAC system. When weather permits, it’s always nice to be able to open doors or windows and let some fresh air in. But in the hot summer months, or in the coldest part of the winter, this isn’t really an option. However, sealed buildings with appropriately designed and operated HVAC systems can often provide better indoor air quality than a building with operable windows. Outdoor air contaminants can bypass filters and bring in excess moisture if access is not controlled. These systems are also important to occupants’ health, because a well regulated and maintained system will keep a home free from mold and other harmful organisms.

HVAC systems have become the required industry standard for construction of new buildings. An HVAC professional can help determine the right size and type of system for any home or business.


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