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When the temperature drops outside, all most of us want to do is get inside where it’s warm. If you have a fireplace, building a roaring fire is a great way to take the chill off. But for a lot of us, a fireplace isn’t an option. And even in southwest Florida, the temperature has been known to dip down below freezing from time to time. That’s when it’s good to know that you have a good reliable heating system installed in your home.

A combination of proper insulation, air sealing, and energy-efficient windows and doors make a big difference in keeping the heat in your home. Before making upgrades to your heating unit, upgrade your home’s energy efficiency as well. This will enable you to save money by purchasing a smaller unit, as well as saving money on operating costs.

There are many different options for home heating and lots of factors to consider when choosing a heating system. For example, the size of your home. If the system you install is bigger than it needs to be, it’ll cost more to operate. Also, the climate you live in and the frequency you’ll be using your system should be considered, as well as your source of fuel or power.

Once you have the right unit installed, there are several things you can do to keep it in good shape and your energy bills low. Make sure your air ducts are sealed and properly insulated. Weather stripping around windows and door will keep the warm air from escaping. Use a programmable thermostat to lower your home’s temperature when you’re out. Change the direction of your ceiling fan to clockwise, to push the rising hot air back down. Open blinds and curtains during thday to let the sun help naturally heat your home, and close them at night to keep the heat in.

A heating and air professional can help you choose the right size and type of unit for your home, and keep it running well for years to come.


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